Providing High Precision Manufacturing for the Aerospace Industry Since 1971

“MECADAQ GROUP ” High speed CNC machining specialist, showcases the most prestigious
aircraft components and promotes first-class manufacturing support in US & Europe. With 100000 sq-ft of manufacturing Space, our Group offers professional, competitive services with Capabilities including Milling 3, 4, 5 axis, Mill Turn, EDM, High valued hard-metal and aluminum high-speed machining, Assembly. “We understand customer satisfaction and work to their priorities & requirements.

Our duty is to exceed their expectations”    Julien Dubecq, CEO

Quality is our priority

We take pride in a strong quality management system and experience with prestigious customer supply of products as Boeing & Airbus. Our quality assurance department is trained to comply with all requirements. We will work with you and commit to the highest level of Quality from engineering, documentations, productions, & shipping. All employees are deeply involve in quality management by following each procedures in place. 5S Lean management techniques, trainings, ERP, continuous improvement are the core of our foundation.

All 3 facilities meet the highest standard in the aerospace industry


Program Management

Mecadaq Group has experience in Program Management, supply chain management, production processes. Each program manager has oversight on project activity and ensure the program goals are met. The structure, process, and procedure to control operations and changes to performance objectives. Set of metrics are provided to customers to communicate the health and progress of the program in the most vital areas Ensure that component parts fit together properly to make the intended whole. Optimize performance across the program, respect of requirements.

We continuously assess performance; research and develop new capabilities; and systemically apply
learning and knowledge to the program.

Areas of Expertise


MECADAQ GROUP IS proud to be involved in the following aerospace programs

BOEING: 787 & 777

AIRBUS: A380 – A320 – A330 – A350

DASSAULT: Falcon Jets – F2000 – F900 – F7X – SMS – Rafale

EMBRAER: ERJ 170-190

NDT Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage.

MECADAQ performs in house with available equipment




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World-Class CNC Machining Provider.

Serving the Aerospace industry successfully since 1971. Proud Family-owned company operated by Julien Dubecq, President Mecadaq has developed through the years a strong aerospace activity with focus on Aircraft door components. The group is involved in various programs: Boeing 787, 777, Airbus A320, A380,

Mecadaq success is clearly the result of hard-working individuals, a passion for the industry, true Meca Aerospace located in Santa Ana, CA is the youngest sister plant, opened in 2008, and meeting the world highest industry standard after acquiring AS9100 certification. Our Group offers professional & competitive service with Capabilities including Milling 3, 4, 5 axis, Mill Turn, EDM, Complex & high valued hard-metal and aluminum high-speed machining,

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